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What services can we provide to you?

Software Engineering

We specialise in most modern languages and frameworks. The core experience we have is within the microsoft stack, .Net Framework and .Net Core. We also specialise in NodeJs and front facing frameworks, such as React

Cloud Migration

We specialise in migrating on premise infrastructure and monolith architectures into more manageable and scalable micro service archtectures, hosting within AWS and Azure using best practice toolkits and frameworks

Developer Operations

We specialise in Infrastructure as code, using modern frameworks to automate deployments and increase the time to live. We specialise in terraform and cloud formation to make sure that deployment changes are tracked and automated wherever possible


Our engineers are knowledgeable about security and how to apply best practice to engineering, helping to prevent the most common security vulnerabilities as detailed in the OWASP top 10, such as SQL Injection, reflected, stored and dom based XSS, CSRF and command injection.

Analytics & Experiments

We have a wealth of experience with experiments, canary releases, tracking and analytics, using best in class technologies, such as elasticsearch for analytics monitoring of gathered statistics

Training & Coaching

We can offer 1 on 1 and group training, on a variety of topics and technologies such as terraform and infrastructure as code, AWS and cloud services, dotnetcore and a range of security topics such as how to protect against issues mentioned in the OWASP top 10

About the company

Beardy Digital is a software consultancy specialising in the latest of tech. Our aim is to improve your technology with best practices in all aspects of software engineering, from cloud migration and deployment best practices, to full stack software engineering and security.

  • June 2019

    We opened the company!

    Although the experience of our engineers has spanned many industries and gained years of experience, we officially became a private company in July 2019!

  • Sept 2019

    Working with more clients

    We worked with various companies in the first few months, most notibly one of the UKs largest fashion retailer working on a cloud migration and task management platform

  • January 2020

    Started technical blogging

    We started writing for medium, which includes posts for many types of technologies, some bringing in over 20,000 reads! Some notable posts are:

    What Is Event Driven Architecture, and When Should I Use It?

    How has the web has changed over the last 30 years?

    Understanding how DNS works...

Our amazing team of technology specialists

We might be a small company, but we have experience in many sectors from finance, to retail, and spanned many roles, from software engineering to dev ops and even security specialists.

We are always looking to expand, if you think you would be a good fit for the type of technologies we use, please get in touch.

We are currently unable to take on substantial contracts until February 2020.
If you require ad-hoc contract work, or work that can be completed in a short timeframe, we should be able to accomodate!

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Principal Software Engineer

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Company Secretary

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